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Barry Bull – The Author

From the ‘Hitlist’ in the best selling A little bull goes a long way, to ‘Bullisms’ in My little book of bull, to ‘Targeting your business’ in The Bullseye Principle  and to ‘Seize the moment’ in his latest, Take the bull by the horns’, Barry’s books continue to inspire. Thousands of readers have come to enjoy his entertaining tales of working with some of the world’s best-know celebrities and be motivated by his incredible journey through retail and beyond. And where words fail-the music speaks.

“Take the bull by the horns. The author has cleverly mixed together business acumen with human experience via a journey from the fifties to the digital age.”


At a time when most successful businessmen are wondering how to increase their networking, Barry found the perfect answer. He decided to publish the amazing story of his 50 plus year journey in the music industry and share his top 10 business Hitlist along the way. And include some unforgett-a-bull stories of his encounters with some of the worlds biggest music superstars. “A Little Bull goes a Long Way” is an apt title for his remarkable journey and has become a best selling small business handbook.

His second book My Little Book of Bull is an A – Z business handbook of simply the best inspirational thoughts and business insights that have served him well over his long play career. In his third publication The Bullseye Principle, Barry explains his seven steps to achieving goals.

His latest book Take the Bull by the horns, launched June 2014 by Sunshine Coast Mayor, Mark Jamieson (beside), is his best yet. Part memoir, part business guide and ode to the golden days of music retailing and the memories of Toombul Music. It is available to purchase on this website and downloaded digitally via iTunes or Amazon Kindle.


Barry’s Latest Book…


Limited edition signed print book.

One man’s unique story, yet one which will inspire and uplift with its message of love, loss and music.

Barry Bull’s concert is rocking along in its usual rollicking fashion when the music suddenly stops and his world comes crashing down.

In one brutal moment he loses his wife of fifty-two years. The grief that follows is unfathomable.

There is nothing that all his close family and many loyal friends can do to rescue him from the depths of despair that follows. A life without the “support act” he first met in a teenage romance
seems unimaginable.

It was Kayleen, who gave him the strength to carry him through all that a life at the top of the Australian music industry can throw at him. A world without her is beyond belief. He shuts himself away from a world that has brought him so much success and happiness.

Finding a way back to a tolerable daily routine needs a road map that doesn’t seem to exist. It is only when he discovers a cause close to his family’s heart that he can set out on the long and arduous journey that awaits.

Sustained by memories of years spent mixing business and pleasure with many of the world’s top music stars, he eventually fights his way back from despair.

Barry is a battler. He realises grief is another of life’s battles to be overcome.

This intensely candid account of his journey – escalating his multi-award winning Toombul Music to iconic status in the Australian music industry and the backstage insights of rock ‘n’ rolls’ greatest names – is one for all who have loved and lost and have music in their soul.


Read this book and find out why a tiny creature of nature, and a cyclone called Internet were unexpected forces of change in his world. Why No is negotiable. Why seven rules of engagement provide a blueprint for success. And why, despite the best intentions, true occupational passion in life is not easily found – until you take the bull by the horns. It then finds you.

Take the Bull by the Horns

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Another best seller…


(publisher Pan Macmillan) $19.95 Barry Bull’s experience in building a successful family business is vast. In his latest book, The Bullseye Principle, Barry shares it all. He explains the key role that marketing plays in small business and how to aspire to change, establish a market niche and to coexist with the corporate culture of big business.

From a young age rock’n’roll music became the soundtrack of Barry’s life. How he transformed this passion into a music business that touched everyone around him will inspire other smaller businesses to appreciate that you don’t have to be the biggest to be the best. This book is for everyone in business and all those who dream of owning their own. Features Barry’s famous Bullisms.

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Here's what others say about Barry's new book

I have just finished reading your latest book and just wanted to thank you for a great experience. I really enjoyed it and found it both extremely informative and intriguing as well as inspirational. It was great to learn more about you and your incredible journey within the music industry. I absolutely loved your chapter on ‘No is Negotiable’ and honestly couldn’t agree more with this concept especially when relating to it as a singer-songwriter.

Florian Tarpinian, July 2015

“I just finished your latest book ’Take the bull by the horns’ – loved it. What an interesting life you’ve had.”

William Martin, Byron Bay Australia

A compelling true story from Barry Bull who is an inspiration to everyone who has something to sell. This book is full of innovative real life examples of a clever marketer who never gives up and has a passion for his product and knows how to attach it to his customers. Barry combines business and people experiences and shares the influences that drive him and the digital revolution that nearly broke him. This book changed my business and improved the experience my customers now receive. A must read!

Colin Dunkerley, iPadLessons.com.au

I really loved how you relate the theory back to real life!!

Liam Richards, Mick’s Meat Barn

Love your work Barry. You’re are great communicator and story teller.

Wayne Slager, Platinum Direct Finance Australia Pty Ltd

You are truly an inspiration to everyone and your positive attitude is very infectious. I am already sinking my teeth into your book and finding it just as entertaining as you are!

Angilique, Varsity Lakes Travel August 2014

Once you start it’s an unstoppable read. Once finished you want to start again from the beginning. Barry’s latest book hooks the reader in with a skillfully delivered narrative. It is essentially a textbook for business, but the message is delivered gently, and illustrated with intriguing stories about working with music biz celebrities from the “top end of town”. The author has cleverly mixed together business acumen with human experience via a journey from the 1950’s to the current digital age.

Eloise Gallagher – Leading Vocational Teacher Music, TAFE East Coast

Barry wraps his stories in parable form. Simple wisdom with valuable lessons for the pursuit of happiness, and therefore success. The man is a inspiration of legendary proportions.

Robert Brock

I have just finished reading “Take The Bull By The Horns” and the memories you have penned of our beloved music industry are both entertaining and inspirational. Your journey of life is to be admired and the messages of success you convey in your working experiences are surely one of Australia’s greatest memorable moments of personal achievement.

Mel Mayer

“Great book Barry, it’s inspired me to look at and consider opportunities from a different perspective, and of course, no is negotiable!”

Jeanne Treloar, Sassy Branding

“Your book was a ‘golden key’ that unlocked endless ideas to kick start a new business.”

Dave Evans

“Your feelings, emotions, hard times, successes, love for what you did and do, come through on each page. I did not want to put the book down! You are inspirational with a courageous way of embracing the new pages of your life.”

Marisa Wiman, Greymouse

What Others Say
  • 'No stranger to releasing bestselling books, you will see another side to music icon Barry Bull in UNBREAKABULL. Barry opens up about life behind the glitz and glamour of his role in the Australian music industry and share how pivotal his wife Kayleen was to his success. This moving tribute to her not only documents Barry’s life, their love and his passion for all things music, but it serves as a beacon of hope for those who are struggling with the loss of a loved one. By sharing this book, which started as narrative therapy for Barry, he is providing a raw and honest blueprint of how he journeyed from grief and depression to regaining a spark and living to honour his beloved wife. From tears to laughter, this is a read that will take you on a ride through all of the emotions, but will leave you feeling filled with love.

    Roxanne McCarty-O’Kane - Writer, February 2021

What Others Say
  • Congratulations on writing a great book. The comprehensive coverage of the grief journey is shared in a vulnerable yet enlightening way. It was heartening to read your path back to the creative life and that has to be the centre of the joy of life rediscovered!

    Diane Murphy, Donate Life, Family Support Coordinator/Bereavement Counsellor

  • It was a privilege to launch local legend Barry Bull’s 5th book “Unbreakabull” before a crowd of 120 people. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it. It’s a book about love, music, family, business and so much more. It really is a terrific read written by an amazing Australian. If you’re a child of the 50s, 60s or 70s the trip down Australian rock’n’roll music memory lane is worth it on its own. There’s a lot of wisdom and humour in this book.

    Andrew Wallace MP - February 2021

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