May Bull-e-tin Market share or mind share?

My #1 rule in business is …Find and keep customers. It is the sole purpose of being in business.
My #2 rule is …build lasting relationships.
My # 3 rule
is …return to rule #1.

I’m intrigued how pathways in life attempt to connect. The conundrum is what to do when they do. The fact you are reading this Bull-e-tin is proof that at some stage, our pathways connected.

Never assume human connectivity is a given, and synchronicity or coincidence should be taken for granted, because business is about relationships – the law of attraction, specifically – the attraction of your brand and its staying power.

Almost every other day, someone reminds me of the influence our Toombul Music business had on their lives and yet it has been gone for almost  8 years!  It’s astonishing to think that it is remembered with such reverence because in its developing years I was simply doing a job that I enjoyed. Many business owners believe their brand value is in market share. This may be true for the big end of town, but for smaller business, (like mine) its true value is in mind share– the prominence and positioning that it occupies in the minds of our customers.That mindset always differentiated our Toombul Music business and kept our customers attached to our brand offer.

But, don’t confuse this with goodwill, which can be a false financial value we place on our brand asset. Well established household brands like Dick Smith, in the end, had no goodwill value and was unsaleable. Find your niche, regardless of how narrow, dominate it and continually give your clientele differentiating reasons to come back, by leveraging your brand.

That is what I’ll be doing this sunday, May 15th. Leveraging off a brand that exists only in the minds of music lovers.  I’m inviting them to come back one more time to my final concert, when I revisit the way in which my life was shaped with a 50 year business career retrospective. The early years of rock ’n roll, the CBS corporate record company years working with Billy Joel, Willie Nelson and Neil Diamond, and the Toombul Music years with John, Slim, Cliff, Olivia and beyond.

It’s an afternoon of memories, live music (with my 50 year Fender guitar) and true stories and videos of a never to be repeated era from someone who was there. Why do it? Why should you attend? Because there are not many industry veterans left to tell these stories… to share award-winning business insights and still receiving awards.