June Bull-e-tin Habits thrive in the comfort of mediocrity

I’ve been missing in action lately, enjoying myself and presenting my life story in words and music, (over 100 people attended ‘A little bull goes a long way’ concert at Mooloolaba recently). I often wonder if I need to continue these Bull-e-tins, but realise if only one person benefits from their message, it’s worthwhile. So, whenever I have something worth sharing I will…like now.

Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage to have a go. It’s disappointing to see so many capable people craving the opportunity to apply their talent and ability to something new, but lack courage to persist. It’s like my ‘No is Negotiable’ mantra..90% of people give up when they are 10% from achieving their goals. The word that stops them is NO. Unfortunately, habits, excuses or distractions hinder opportunity to turn ambition into reality. Is it because of fear of what other people may think, or is it disrupting existing comfort zones? It’s easier to do nothing than to push boundaries.

In the past 10 days at least that number of business folk have remarked, “Business is slow, the Federal elections are on, people don’t spend during a time of uncertainty.”  Bull dust!! ..Does that mean that every traffic light in OZ is on red? Put yourself out there and look for the green lights while everyone else is on amber and distracted by media madness.

When I went into business, ‘The Stones’ were getting their kicks on Route 66. I had little money, renting a house with three kids, elections came and went, interest rates reached 18%, banks and landlords had a monopoly and were difficult. ( LP records cost $5.99! ) Within a few years these red lights turned to green because of the opportunities that music presented. I did something different than the rest by enticing superstar celebrities to our shopping precinct to assist me to sell their product. Then the lights turned green as everyone replaced their vinyl albums with expensive CD’s and we were ahead of the pack. (Looking back, the real difference was selling experiences …. personally autographed souvenirs called CD’s)

Ok, now that we are thinking outside the comfort zones of mediocrity, and to gift to you some ‘green lights’, here are three that have stood the test of time.

1. Put yourself outside your comfort zones, push those boundaries of ambition.

2. Know the business you are in. Promote the ‘experience’ before the product.

3. Don’t accept an answer that supports someone else’s mediocrity. No is always Negotiable. Persistence always defeats resistance.

Even though I grew up in a world that no longer exists, age and stage has no boundaries if you are having fun.There is no finishing line if you are out there having a go. Look at The Rolling Stones….they are still getting their kicks on route 66!

So in the morning, when the red traffic light turns to green, consider the opportunities that is driving change in your world  … green means GO!

If you know one person who may benefit from this message then pass it on.
Barry Bull is a multi-award winning retailer, speaker, musician, author, compiler of Aria award-winning ‘Music for Cruizin’ CD series through Sony Music, and presenter of a new true-life concert – ‘A little bull goes a long way – memoirs from the music man’.