January Bull-e-tin: Create don’t compete, innovate don’t imitate

Are you struggling to consistently keep your brand in front of your targeted market when competing in a digitally distracted world? Read any advice about effective marketing and you will find consistency at the top of the list, which is true but…..you need to consistently do the right things. Just copying what the rest of the crowd is doing will never allow you to stand out.

Here are three ways to keep your brand evolving and fresh, whilst harvesting past and new customers to your business.

1. Create don’t compete, Innovate don’t imitate. Create innovative ways to differentiate your brand, placing it in a constant state of change, while remaining consistent with what it is famous for. To be famous for your name, service, product or brand you must attach something unique or special that you do better than the rest.

I’m doing exactly this with A Little Bull Goes A Long Way concert right now. I’m leveraging off my famous Toombul Music brand, (the shop has been closed for 7 years) and reaching new markets, all whilst keeping my ‘Little Bull’ brand stimulated and relevant.

Take a look at this short clip of my show here   https://www.facebook.com/alittlebull/videos/1214641338549202 and you’ll see how I’m doing it.

2. Effort over convenience Market yourself alongside your brand within an effective
website that is mobile friendly. While social media marketing is essential, it is no substitute for personal interaction. Hundreds of ‘likes’ doesn’t equal hundreds of sales. Business need buyers. It takes personal effort to put yourself out there, run events, meet and greet your clients….over the convenience of habitually surfing Facebook with a mobile device.Those habits reside in the comfort zone of mediocrity.

3. Step outside your comfort zone. Watch for the drivers of change in your industry, (for Toombul Music it was iTunes) and leverage off your current brand assets to transition into new opportunities. My brand is Bull and my offer is to provide music, entertainment and inspiration, through my business books, Music for Cruizin’ CD compilations and personal performances. All within the Bull brand with the objective to direct attention to my website to find my products and attend my events. see www.barrybull.com

As explained earlier, an example of all this is my A little bull goes a long way concert next week, where I get the chance to expand my brand, be innovative, step outside my comfort zone and go face to face with my community. If you’d like to see up close how I’m doing it, I’d love to have you there.

All of the details for the show are here on the event page https://barrybull.com/a-little-bull-goes-a-long-way/