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A keynote speaker who can deliver an original entertaining story with energy and a memorable message, is the spark that ignites a great conference. I should know, I’ve spoken at over 500 events and helped ignite the aspirations of many. I’m afford-a-bull and avail-a-bull. Read on for my latest presentations and reviews.    Neglecting to take action is the number one reason for business failure.

Unexpected Hero is an inspirational business presentation with a difference. Multi – award winning retailer, musician, author and veteran speaker, Barry Bull celebrates his fascinating journey in music, working with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Together with his vintage Fender guitar, Barry journey’s from the golden era of rock ’n roll to the digital age, revealing the highs and lows of his retail icon Toombul Music and shares insights to his ongoing success – how to create a point of difference, find your niche, never accept no for an answer and adapt or die. A motivating true – life story with no finishing line. Suitable for all occasions where inspiration is the theme. Contact barry@barrybull.com

Barry’s 45 minute keynote Take the bull by the horns, is more than a business presentation. It’s a call to action and celebrates the release of his latest book.

Join Barry as he reveals through his fascinating life in music how his pursuit for independence was a journey filled with highs and lows of personal evolution in a quest for supremacy and survival.
With rock’n’roll being his centre of gravity, life was never dull—and for more than twenty-five years Barry kept his award winning Brisbane business, Toombul Music, in the spotlight of the Australian music and retail industry.

This is an inspirational true story of Barry’s encounters with superstars such as Sir Cliff Richard, Michael Crawford, Neil Diamond, Slim Dusty, Willie Nelson, Billy Joel, Meatloaf, Boz Scaggs and many others. But it is how he embraced the inevitable transformation of the music industry—the digital revolution—and adapted to change, that makes this story so insightful.

  • You will learn:
  • How to adapt in changing times
  • The power of niche marketing
  • Why No is Negotiable
  • How to evolve your business
  • It’s not what you sell – it’s how you sell it.
  • Why despite best intentions, true occupational passion in life is not easily found until you take the bull by the horns. It then finds you.

Here's what others say about Barry's presentations

Barry Bull is a true professional and really knows how to wow an audience! He had my guests totally engaged in his story and his message on differentiating yourself in a crowded market is one every business person needs to hear. If you’re looking for a fabulous speaker or an inspiring book to read, I highly recommend Barry Bull.

Terri Cooper, Terri Cooper Networking Events

Our Rotary Club was fortunate to have Barry Bull as our guest speaker. A natural showman, we all found Barry reflections on how he attained success, starting out playing the guitar, working for a record company, owning Toombul Music to his Music for Cruizin’ compilation CD’s and now his latest book ‘Take the Bull by the horns, highly entertaining and inspiring. We are hoping he will come back and address us later on at a larger forum.

Janet Lawrence , Vice President 2014-15, Rotary Club of Brisbane Planetarium, October 2014

Barry’s mantra “No is Negotiable” has helped me on a number of occasions on a business and personal level. ‘No’ is the easiest word people can use but by applying CPR (Consistent, Persistent, Resilient) I have found ‘No is Negotiable

Greg Quigley, CEO Jazz Music Institute, October 2014

Brilliant presentation, loved every minute, got some great ideas- but then that was what I expected from you.

Geoff Kirkwood, August 2014

I have been a fan of yours for many years and there were so many points that you made during your presentation “Take the bull by the horns” that resonated with me. I was particularly interested in your views on adapting to change – no other industry, that I know of, has felt the winds of change as much as the music industry over the last two decades. Your ability to embrace and adapt to change, lead to your legendary success with Toombul Music, (in those heady days of Rock and Roll) , then to extract every opportunity from it with your “no is negotiable” approach, and leave the bricks and mortar shop with dignity when the new era arrived.

Noel Millers, Distributor Nuskin Enterprises August 2014

I was thrilled to hear your story and purchase your book. You certainly touched my heart and I am grateful to you.

Karen Millers, Business Development

Your presentation was superb in every way.

Martin Wiltshire , Risk Protection Specialist August 2014

Thank you so much for speaking at the breakfast yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it … I’m half way through your book already – which I’m just loving.

Peta I’ve got time for that. Aug 2014

If you missed breakfast with Barry Bull you missed out big time. Not often you have a speaker who engages on an emotional level. Wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Terri Cooper networking breakfast Aug 2014

Without blowing smoke up your ass, damn I got some brilliant ideas out of your talk.

Beanie the Social Tradie, Jark projects June 2014

You are an inspiration, Barry. I’ve taken a lot of lessons from your new book and your speaking presentations. Never give up on telling your story because it appears the message has a really positive ripple effect on all those that hear it.

Eloise Gallagher, June 2014

The client feedback was fabulous! You keep proving you are one of the best speakers we have available.

Sue Davies, ICMI Speakers and Entertainers, December 2008

“Barry Bull is a wealth of business know-how. He is passionate motivator, a master negotiator, and an excellent teacher who knows from first hand experience how to be successful at business and life. And that is no bull !”.

Neil Mooney, General Manager, Seven Queensland Television Network – July 2012

“Over the years I have heard many professional speakers and once in a while there will be one that stands out from the rest. When I heard Barry speak I was captivated by his presentation and message. I would highly recommend booking him.”

Keith Banfield – Results Marketing

“What I need is a Barry Bull in every town and every country I visit. If only!”

Sir Cliff Richard

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  • I have just finished reading your latest book and just wanted to thank you for a great experience. I really enjoyed it and found it both extremely informative and intriguing as well as inspirational. It was great to learn more about you and your incredible journey within the music industry. I absolutely loved your chapter on 'No is Negotiable' and honestly couldn't agree more with this concept especially when relating to it as a singer-songwriter.

    Florian Tarpinian, July 2015

  • "I just finished your latest book ’Take the bull by the horns' - loved it. What an interesting life you've had."

    William Martin, Byron Bay Australia

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